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Darlweb Agency has a dedicated app development team comprising of mobile UX/UI design specialists and a talented mobile development team that can deliver intuitive, feature-rich native apps across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Crafting successful apps is more than just development, it brings together strategy, design, development, marketing and analytics to deliver a complete product that is ready to market. Successful apps hide the complex technology under the surface, leaving a rich, intuitive experience for the end user to enjoy.



A mobile app, is often the perfect choice to replace a paper form or a manual process. Eliminate time spent typing up forms, and have an app send the data directly. Existing web applications will make sense for office based work, however there are many tasks that make more sense with a mobile app. We can plug into your existing systems, pushing and pulling data securely, or build new web based administrative consoles for processing you app users’ data.

iOS Apps,
Android Apps even
Windows Phone Apps

Our mobile app developers can create apps for any mobile platform. We can build natively for each one using Swift, Java or C#, or build a HTML5 based app and convert it into a native one. Apps are software, and so we follow agile software development methodologies, Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment.

Thrilling Mobile

Apps offer a much more interested, connected and streamlined experience because phones have 4g, geolocation, cameras, and gyroscopes. If you want to hit your customers on the move, or create brand experience that wows them, we can help.

Do you have an idea for an app? Does your organisation drown in paper? Contact us today.